The term Victorian Britain harkens back to that astonishing period of British history, when Queen Victoria sat on the throne, and we ruled not only the waves, but a large part of the globe. When engineers such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, or architects in the mould of Sir Charles Barry erected their monumental edifices. Great leaders of men made their mark in government, or on the many battlefields in far flung corners of the globe where the British troops stood in their thin red lines.

It was a time of far simpler pleasures, no playstations or television to turn our children into mindless drones. A trip to Blackpool on the new railways instead of a short haul flight to Majorca. 

The fairground industry was entering a brave new world of steam, allowing bigger, powered rides to take the place of the hand turned variety. Although no match for the amazing white knuckle rides of today, with their computer controlled lighting systems and air brushed art work, the fairground nevertheless was at its Zenith. The lack of readily available, (and affordable ) transport meant that many people never ventured beyond the confines of their villages. The arrival of the annual fair was a much longed for episode to break up the dull monotony of working life.

We aim to help you recapture that halcyon period in the days of the Empire, with our range of traditional rides and games. A helter skelter is hard work for the kids climbing the multitude of stairs, but the thrilling descent to the bottom is easily the equal of any modern ride. Instead of bland pre made candy floss , why not try one of our traditional candy floss barrows, beautiful twisted brass corners add a touch of elegance, ideal for a wedding or corporate party.

Whatever your requirements we have a range of affordable traditional attractions to help make your event the one to remember. If you require modern attractions then please visit our parent site at

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A background montage of Queen Victoria and the streets of London
An image of a carousel horses head framed in an oval
A traditional lighthouse helter skelter, one of the largest examples of this type still available

Its Not What You Do, Its The Way That You Do It!

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