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A background montage of Queen Victoria and the streets of London

Its Not What You Do, Its The Way That You Do It!

Victorian Funfair Hire Logo
A traditional lighthouse helter skelter, one of the largest examples of this type still available

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An image of a carousel horses head framed in an oval
High Striker


The High Striker, or Test Your Strength machine is one of the enduring symbols of an old fashioned fairground. A firm family favourite due to the ease with which both children and adults can play the game.

An example of a small selection of our range of sidestalls.

We operate a wide range of side stall units, choose from hook a duck, cork gun shooting gallery, hoopla, knock the cans from the shelf, coconut shy and others. If you require a specific game unit let us know and we can supply it. Our games units are perfect for branding with your logo for product launches and marketing campaigns.

Side Stalls

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